Winchester Gun Safe Reviews [Edition 2017] With Buying Guide!

Best Winchester Gun Safe Reviews 2017

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Product Name Evolution Safe Legacy Safe Silverado Safe Treasury Safe Big Daddy Safe
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Long Gun Capacity Upto 67 Upto 51 Upto 48 Upto 48 Upto 56
Weight 1116 lbs 1634 lbs 1452 lbs 1310 lbs 1080 lbs
Fire Rating @ 1400 F 60 Minute 2.5 Hour 2 Hour 90 Minute 75 Minute
Lock Type Mechanical Lock Mechanical Lock Mechanical Lock Mechanical Lock Mechanical Lock
Bolt Type 1.25 2 1.5 1.5 1.25
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If you are thinking that buying winchester gun safe is worth or not? than you are at correct page. Today I will compare all the winchester gun safe products with pro and cons.

We love our family so much that we need each and every safety security they deserve. We know that you also hold great love for your guns.

Hence, Gun Safe is the best investment as it will protect your gun from theft and keep a kid from having access to the gun. But before you buy any gun safe – you should read our before guide which is below mention. Buy real security not illusion of security!

Best Winchester Gun Safe Reviews 2017

Everything that you need to consider before buying the Best Winchester Gun Safe Reviews 2017 and what are the best options available to buy from the Winchester Safe company.

Best Winchester Gun Safe Reviews 2017

Winchester Gun Safe Reviews

We understand the confusion about what to trust and what to buy. Indeed! Every piece manufactured by the Winchester Safe is a Masterpiece. It’s the most trusted old brand as well as most recommended gun safe company.

We also understand your priorities and requirements and therefore based on it, here are the shortlisted gun safes from Winchester company lineup that would definitely fulfil your needs.

The selection has been done on examining the crucial factors like construction strength, fire resistance, safety from burglary, affordable pricing and storage capacity. From bugest friendly to worth for money.

#01 – The Winchester Evolution Gun Safe (Latest Winchester Gun Safe)

winchester evolution gun safe reviews

It’s Evolution in the Gun safe industry!

Top level security! when we want to buy a gun safe, we always think that it’s small therefore evolution gun safe is solution to such problems.

We have written details review of evolution gun safe on our blog if you want to read more. Otherwise, just buy it as per your prefer.

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  • Extended fire protection
  • Big space for Guns
  • Light widght
  • Low fire rate.

#02 – The Winchester Gun Safe Legacy (Best Winchester Gun Safe)

Winchester Safes Legacy

Legacy is the legend of Winchester Gun Safe. Why?

High Level Security! When we think about Gun Safe, first think come up in our mind is how secure gun safe is?

So, if you love your family as much as I love my family, than you should buy the Legacy without any doubt. Since high security safe is among the largest and most impenetrable gun safes available, and includes an unrivaled set of features. Legacy 44 and Legacy 53.

Legacy gun safes include thermal accessory door organizers, a bright LED light kit that helps with visibility inside your safe, and a Power Docking System that provides (2) 110v power outlets and (2) USB pass-through.

Hence, no need to worry about anything and you can sleep peacefully after installing it.

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  • Extended fire protection
  • Excellent bolts
  • Great storage
  • Heavy in weight.

#03 – The Winchester Gun Safe Silverado (Highest Rated Winchester Gun Safe)

Winchester Silverado

Rated four out of five stars , the Silverado series has three popular models namely Silverado 33, Silverado 40 and Silverado 51.

Pocket friendly! If you are searching for budget friendly gun safe? than it’s best option for you. Retaining almost every feature of the legacy gun safe, the overshadowing advantages offered by these gun safes makes the cons negligible. It took about 2 minutes to install.

Fits like a glove. It have enough slots for four pistols or revolvers. You may find an appropriate size as per your requirement for sure!

The plus insulation and use of multiplayer fire-board impart the strength of resisting the temperature of 11400 F for nearly 2 hours. The 10 gauge steel enhances the shielding property.

The major point of difference is the 3 direction lock system in the Silverado. The bots are also comparatively shorter than the ones present in the legacy gun safes, the doors are not extremely strong.

A mechanical lock is provided as the backup for the cases where the electronic lock fails to open the safe in case of emergency. You will be getting a DPO, LED kit and Power Docking system in the package.

I even store my 3 big gaming laptops in there while away on vacation, I would recommend with 2 half inch floor bolts.

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  • Extended fire protection
  • Auxiliary shelves for interior customization
  • Top rated
  • Lesser capacity than other gun safes.

#04 – The Winchester Treasury Gun Safe (Strongest Winchester Gun Safe)

winchester treasury gun safe reveiws

If you have treasure, which you want to safe than you should buy it!

Pretty good security! It come up with beautiful design and strong solid steel from inside and outside with good amount of space, wherein you can store your long guns.

We have written details review of treasury gun safe on our blog if you want to read more. Otherwise, just buy it as per your prefer.

  • Extended fire protection
  • Creates a barrier against heat and smoke
  • 90% Better than others
  • Color options.

#05 – The Winchester Gun Safe Big Daddy (Highly Secured)

Winchester Big Daddy

Weighing 803 lbs, a single size is available under this category. You can accommodate with Big Daddy around 48 long guns easily with the version of Big Daddy XLT, Big Daddy, Slim Big Daddy.

Size matters! As the name suggest, if you love buying guns and have big collection like me, than you should buy this product without surfing any other option.

It’s biggest, strongest and affordable. Fire resistance ability to withstand 1400 F temperature at such affordable price makes it worth a pick. I guess the way is crystal clear.

If you wish to secure and safeguard the valuable without creating a hole in your pocket, opt for Big Daddy Winchester Gun safe.

With the aim to save few bucks spent on the steel construction, the Big Daddy come up surged a couple of gauges. But to increase the protection strength, other features like titanium disk, hard plate protection, 3-way locking, 1.5-inch bolts and auxiliary re-locker are incorporated.

Do not expect a lot many accessories along with the package. You will have to add a bit more to the expenditure to purchase the add-on items you desire for the gun safe because only a single power outlet and DPO comes with the package by default.

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  • U-shape racks for easy access and storage
  • Fix top shelf for small items
  • Light in weight
  • Lake of accessories.

#06 – The Winchester Gun Safe Ranger Deluxe (High Demand)

Winchester Ranger Deluxe

The ranger safe series is available in multiple colours and sizes. The Ranger Deluxe cheapest gun safe manufactured by Winchester – including these amazing products: Ranger 44, Ranger 54, Ranger 34, Ranger 26.

Cheapest winchester gun safe in this list but wait…

As I mentioned previously, an ideal gun protecting safe should be able to have fire resistance span of minimum 60 minutes. Else there are 100 % chances of it getting collapsed if the temperature rises. It can withstand the high temperature of 1400 F for almost 60 minutes.

The variety of options in terms of the size makes it Ranger Deluxe the most high demand product.

The series has three Model: Ranger 19 which can house 22 guns, ranger 31 to house 39 guns and Ranger 42 for 42 guns perfectly.

Ranger Deluxe known for low prices are directly indicative of low-level security due to 12 gauge steel body and 1 inch thick bolts.

But don’t get hyper yet because the lock mechanism is as good as in any better and pricier model. It is up to your decision to chose between the electronic or mechanical lock.

Moreover, don’t raise your expectations for the accessories. You cannot dream to get anything more than auxiliary shelf covers, adjustable shelves and an accessory door panel in the package. Think of purchasing this safe only if you have good amount of budget constraints.

Also, do not store expensive items or armours of high value.

An additional piece of advice is for the people who live in houses made of wood or any flammable raw material as the safe could not tolerate the extreme thermal emergencies.

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  • Three layers of fireboard in the body
  • Drill resistance safe
  • Four ways locking system
  • Lesser duration of fire safety than other safes.

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Our Honest Winchester Gun Safe Buying Guide!

We have written below mentioned guide for users, who want to learn how to select perfect product to buy a new gun safer. You can take out print out of this article as it’s extreamly useful for you. Continue reading…

Buy Real Security Not Illusion of Security

It is not only the gun but the other accessories and valuables that need to be safeguarded in the best way possible.

Hence before you finalise buying one of the gun safes, make sure that you have pondered over the below-mentioned questions.

Is the safe spacious enough to accommodate all your guns along with the other accessories?

Is it able enough to combat the threats like fire, robbery or burglary?

Does the lock mechanism of the safe matches your requirement?

Is the combined cost of the guns and accessories less than that of the gun safe?

If you are still struggling to find a suitable answer to this question, we are here to offer a helping hand.

When the question revolves around the wide range of options, immense safety against threats and problems, affordable and decent investment, great dimensions and good storage capacity, ‘WINCHESTER GUN SAFE‘ is the best suggestible answer.

A Brief Description About Winchester Gun Safe

Winchester, after accomplishing name and fame in the gun manufacturing industry, took a step forward towards the manufacturing of the world class gun safes.

Set up in the year 1866, Winchester has been availing the professionally designed products for the security of the Americans.

They understand how important your families are to you and hence do not leave a single loophole that might become the cause of their unsafely.

The company stands out from the run of the mill stuff in terms of the quality and appearance they offer.

They have always believed in offering what they promise.

The ‘state-of-the-art method used for the fabrications of the gun safes does not allow the company to compromise with the quality.

Innovation and modifications based on the requirements of the users and the need of the time have been the priority since always.

Reliability and integrity are the two pillars on which the company relies upon.

It is not just the guns that the Winchester gun safes protect, but it protects the memories, your possession and your peace of mind.

Why Choose Winchester Gun Safe Over Any Other Safe?

The features offered by the Winchester gun safes make them the best in the market.

As stated by the company’s website, the two pillars i.e. integrity and reliability have helped them to earn the title of “American Legends”

It understands well that the reputation is built through the standard services comprising of the Winchester safes advantages. There are times when you might not be at home.

But your absence should not take away your peace of mind since the security and safety of your guns back at home is indeed a thing to freak about. Winchester gun safes offer you a list of multitudinous incontestable and prompting reasons to immediately buy one of it.

Standard Burglary Protection

As per the latest collected data, a home break-in is reported in the United States every 13 seconds thereby giving a rough estimate of 2.5 million intrusions in a year.

In such a scenario, do you feel that your guns are safe enough? Absolutely not. The scenario would worsen if the gun would go in the wrong hands.

Keeping in mind all the cons, the designing is done so as to make it less vulnerable to such threats.

Recessed doors, reinforced door jambs, solid steel hinges, sufficiently large deadlocking bolts and anti-pry tabs are some the features that are taken into special consideration to elevate the graph of theft protection. You can spot the mentioned features is almost every Winchester safe.

Made up of 12 gauge or thicker steel, every Winchester safe have bore and passed the extensive testing procedure, so as to get certified as the residential security container ( RSC) by under Underwriters Laboratories (UL).

This is to note that 12 gauge is considered to be the standard requirement for making it extremely weapon safe.

Moreover, for ensuring the structural integrity, seam welding is preferred over spot welding for better safety.

The notable certificates earned by the Winchester gun safes includes its certification as California DOJ firearm safety device, certification from the Underwriters Laboratories (UL) for being the first manufacturer of the residential security containers (RSC) and UL certification for the mechanically secure (EMP- resistant) sergeant and Greenleaf locks used in the Winchester safes.

Fire Protection

Another characteristic feature of the Winchester gun safe is its fantabulous resistance to fire. It can bear temperature as high as 1400 Fahrenheit for the time spans ranging from 45 minutes to 2.5 hours.

A product is considered to be a good fire resistor if its resistivity could last for at least 60 minutes. It is the point to celebrate that every gun case made by Winchester falls under the safe category.

Notably, fireboards play a substantially crucial role in the protection from fire accidents. The secret behind this amazing resistance is the use of a large number of fireboard layers which are considerably thicker.

Precisely, the three layers of ½ inch fireboard are present in the door while two layers of 5/8 inch surface the rest of the safe. The weight of the safes is evident of the mentioned facts.

If you still have doubts in some corner f your heart, why don’t you test and prove it yourself? The door seals expand 6 times to its original size on encountering the heat.

This, in turn, seals the door to obstruct the way of smoke and heat inside the gun safe. An external solid steel hinge design is incorporated on the door of all the safes.

This does not permit any break in the fire insulation. If there would have been a break, it would have resulted in the transfer of the heat to the inside of the safe thereby damaging your possessions.

Manufactured in the USA

The company believes in manufacturing the safes in their home ground. It is not out of the trust issues with other countries or disbelieves in the quality and variety that they offer.

The reason is the dream they have always nourished. The dream is to manufacture the Winchester safes in the hometown of Fort Worth, Texas.

After investing millions in buying and developing the automatic manufacturing machinery, upgrading the technology in laser cutting, robotic welding, and various other state-of-the-art equipment, the company finally revamped the process of manufacturing highest quality in their home ground.

Apart from the advancement, the automation of the entire process resulted in the faster and better manufacturing. A time period of 2.2 minutes gives off a finished safe that is ready to be shipped to the consumer.

It was not out of the hard feelings of the competition but they believe and efforts in American-built safes that have made them a shining name in the manufacturing industry which still holds an undisputable status.

Promotes ‘Reduce – Recycle – Reuse’ principle

The company believes in the environment-friendly development and hence takes care of causing the least damage to the environment.

Won’t you prefer to buy a product that has been made out of the recycled stuff?

After all, you would be contributing to the welfare of the environment indirectly. Each and every piece manufactured by the Winchester safes is out of the recycled material.

Ranging from the steel used to the packaging cartons and the interiors of the shelf, everything is of the reprocessed raw material. In addition to the mentioned things, paints used on the safes are eco-friendly as they do not emit any harmful chemicals into the atmosphere.


A limited lifetime warranty comes along with all the Winchester gun safes. The company will repair the safe is it gets damaged due to any incident of burglary or fire during its lifetime.

Also, the defects in either the material or the workmanship and compensated by the company. You can make the repair claim either online or offline along with a police/ fire department report for the proof sake.

All the locks present in your safe also comes with a warranty period of 2 years. If a flaw in the material used or the workmanship is spotted, the immediate repairing or replacement is availed.

What makes the news worth a treat is the fact that the warranty period of the locks can be extended to another 9 years on the payment of very nominal fees. Purchasing the Winchester gun safes would be the best deal of your life for sure.


They are the people of words. It is the company which runs on promises. They do not promise what they can’t fulfill but does not leave any stone unturned to prove the authenticity of every word uttered and promised by them.

Every claim made about the durability and strength of the safe to withstand all sorts of burglary attacks, fire accidents, and every other outlaw is true to the extent possible.

Still, if in any possible scenario, your safe gets damaged due to the above-mentioned reasons, full support is offered by the company.

Yes! You heard it right. The company will replace the safe or repair it if possible without charging a single penny from you. Isn’t great? What more could you expect? You no longer have to risk you pricey possessions and the peace of mind for the sake of its safety and durability.

Winchester gun safes are here to lessen your troubles and headaches.


Advanced fire ratings, UL rated and certified steel construction and locks, lifetime warranty, replacement guarantee, thick locking bolts, curbside delivery and what not. The Winchester gun safes offer you a never ending list of advantageous features.

Now the question that might be pricking your mind at the moment is the price of these safes.

Isn’t it? Well, the bonus point is the affordable and relatively cheap prices. Do not trust my words rather compare it with other companies offering you these gun safes.

The manufacturing carried within the USA is possibly the reason for the reduced cost since the buyer does not have to bear with the extensive shipping charges which actually create a hole in the pocket.

Also, the company does not use steel thicker than 12 gauge but personally I don’t feel that it affects the quality of the safe in any possible manner.

Probably the manufactured safes are meant specifically for the budget minded gun holders who wish to impart best security and safety to their guns without crossing their budget limits.


The Winchester gun safes come with the feature of customization. When I say that, I am not joking at all. Yes, you have all the freedom to adjust the compartments of the safe according to your whims and requirements. Customize it in the manner to accommodate all your collection.

The drawback is the standard level of customization it offers as compared to the extreme modifications offered by certain other higher brands. But why to get upset when you have another positive to nullify the above-mentioned drawback. Multitudinous accessories are added to your safe which includes door panel organizers, dehumidifiers, silica gel cans, lights and bolt down kits.

Keeps the gun safe from moisture and humidity

Perhaps you haven’t observed it since the pictures might not be clear, but the safe has a hole towards its back. Do not be alarmed as it is not a damage rather it is drilled intentionally through the metal of the safe. It is meant for the easy access of the wires so as to install lighting or dehumidifiers inside your Winchester gun safes.

Since it is quite dark inside the safe, you would definitely wish to illuminate your guns (or whatever possessions you will keep in that safe) whenever you open it. Installation of the dehumidifiers would be needed if you are planning to place the safe in the basement or if you are putting up in quite a humid region. For the very obvious reasons, the presence of moisture in the safe would result in the slow deterioration of the gun parts.

I don’t feel a need to repeatedly warn you about the condensation of water onto your guns and other items within the safe. You can buy and set the electric heating rods within it. The connectivity can be taken through the wires accessed in from the already present hole in the safe. They are undebatably the cheapest and the best way to play safe.

Apart from the rods, you can help yourself with few packets of the silica gel. Silica possesses the property of absorbing the trapped moisture content thereby saving your possessions from the humidity. Although it is to be kept in mind that complete absence of moisture would be against your betterment if your gun has wooden parts.

A low level of moisture content would save the wooden parts from cracking down and thereby causing an unwanted damage. Storing guns in boxes/cases needs extra attention since you would require keeping the cases open for the sufficient air circulation. Sealing up the guns in the boxes will lock the moisture inside thereby damaging your guns badly.

Color and dimensions

No doubts that when it comes to the safety, you do not wish to compromise it with any other factor. But what is the harm in valuing your likings and preferences if you are getting some additional benefits without compromising the security? The durability and strength of the Winchester gun safes clearly prove that it is going to last for a good long time.

Don’t you want to have a safe that you are going to witness ever single say, to be spacious yet well designed with a pleasing color and flawless finish?

Winchester gun safes offer you a wide range of colors and dimensions. You can choose the best one according to your whims and fantasies.

Invest in something that you could love with all your hearts. After all, it is not only the guns that you would be protecting but the safety or your family and the peace of your mind.

What are the crucial factors you need to consider before buying a safe?

As we have already seen that the wide variety of the safes offered by Winchester can trap you in a dilemmatic situation where you would be stuck wondering which one o buy and which one to keep aside. Indeed! Every piece of the manufactured stock is incredible. Buy you cannot be ignorant of the fact that the safe must meet your requirements;

It should be the best to fit your set criteria. In order to help you choose the perfect piece, we have compiled a list of factors that need to be considered before making a final choice.

Steel gauge

The thickness of the steel is indirectly proportional to the steel gauge number. For example, a sheet of 12 gauge would be thinner than the 10 gauge sheet. Let me get a bit scientific to explain which one is better. As per the rule of thumb, the smaller the number, the better it is in terms of quality. (Please take the note that Winchester gun safes are made of 12 gauge thick steel sheets).

The lock mechanism

Considering the mechanism that the lock of the safe follows in really essential before you buy one. Since we are talking about the safety, lock becomes the primary factor. There is a range of Lock Mechanism and every of it has certain pros and cons. You need, to sum up a list of your priorities to choose the best option for yourself.

Mechanical lock- it is basically meant for the people who would choose surety and low maintenance over speed and ease of use. The mechanism is really simple but time-consuming. You would not have to face the battery issues and it guarantees zero failure.

Electronic locks- the ease of use and the speedy access to the shelf it offers makes it the undisputedly ideal option for the safe manufacturers these days. It offers the ease of setting and re-setting the key combinations according to your choice. In the emergency situations, it hardly takes 10 seconds to enter the code and get hands on the guns.

But the drawbacks cannot be ignored as they may put you in extremely dangerous situations. The battery might create issues due to any possible reason thereby leaving you unarmed in emergency scenarios. Electromagnetic pulse burst (EMP) can become another cause for the falling of electronic locks;

Irrespective of the cons, the electronic locks are preferable options due to the overshadowing advantages.

Hybrid dual locks- basically it is an amalgamation of the electronic and mechanical lock. Looking into the possibility of the failure of electronic locks due to the EMP burst, an additional backup feature of the mechanic lock is provided.

You will be expected to pay a handsome amount in exchange of the hybrid dual lock but it would feel reasonable as you are bartering it for convenience and surety.

Key locks- although lock and key mechanism are not considered to be trustworthy and safe when it comes to the security of the valuable yet dangerous items like guns, yet some brands offer keys as a secondary option in case of the failure of the electronic or biometric locks.

Biometric locks- this newest locking technology uses the fingerprint scanning technology. Setting and saving more than one fingerprint to unlock the safe. It is time-saving since the scanner waits to scan and recognize your inputs.

Storage and space

While making a choice for the gun safe, shortlist the ones that advertises to accommodate more than what you are looking for. For example, if you have 20 guns, try finding a safe than can make room for 40 guns. The reason is the large size of the gun and the add-on accessories like ammo, attachments, tactical gears and scopes that would account for a good amount of space. The other case would be where you only need a bedside case to keep the weapon.

The Winchester eVault would be the best pick for you as it can house maximum two guns. Working on the fingerprint mechanism, it can remember multiple inputs. The eVault would keep your guns safe from the children but not from the cases of the outlaw.

In case you get short of the space, it would turn you head over heels, consume all your energy and the large sum of money to either replace the safe or add another one to the room.

Therefore it is suggested to buy the biggest size that could easily fit into your room. We guarantee that you would find something or the other that needs to be safeguarded to fill up space.

A Comparison of The Valuables With The Armoury

The rule of thumb demands you to spend at least 10 % of the value of the items the safe is supposed to protect. Make a rough estimate of the total cost of the valuables that you wish to be safeguarded by the safe and pick the best one according to the calculations.

Safety Level

The level of protection that you are seeking for your gun largely depends upon certain factors like whether the safe is required for mere storage purpose or is it intended to secure the misuse of the gun and other valuables from the wrong hands.

What would you do with a safe with 3 hours three thousand degrees fire resistance if you don’t even possess the arms and valuables worth a keep in them?

We only wish to bring great deals for you and hence would like you to be conscious enough before spending every penny that you have earned.

Nobody wants to spend extra coins on a safe that would bee far more strong, far more durable and with lot many features than required but on the other hand nobody either wants to spend a single penny on the scratch that would be of no use later.

Hence, keeping in mind the valuables you possess and the level of security they would require, make your pick.


Another important factor to take note of is the dimensions of the safe.

Is your room spacious enough to accommodate the safe?

Is your doorway wide enough to get the safe inside the house?

It would make no sense to purchase an extra large safe that would not fit in the desired place.

Although most of the safes are made while keeping in mind the standard dimensions of the doorways, additional attention need to be paid if you have lot many arms and armors to secure, where you would be needing that big elephant safe.

Certain miscellaneous points to enhance the knowledge about the Winchester gun safes Most of the Winchester safes come with an electronic lock.

In cases where the batteries of the lock die, you can change it within 5 minutes. As the battery is located on the outer side of the door, it gets easier to change it anytime.

There are safes which provide a mechanical lock as a backup option, but if it is not so in the safe you desire to have, paid a little more to get the hybrid lock system.

You will not be getting the override keys along with the electronic lock of the safe.

To tackle the issues with the electronic lock, a team of potent people works 24 X 7.

You can contact the customer service to get the apt solution.

If due to any possible reason, you wish to bolt down the safe, you can use the Winchester’s bolt down kit.

The safe has pre-drilled holes on the base to bolt down the safe.

Do not confuse with the elegant design and appealing looks of the safe with its weight.

It actually weighs equal to a big huge beast that would consume off all the energy of 4-5 people during the installation.

In order to cut down the weight, you can remove the doors.

Yes, you got me right. Removing the door would lessen the weight by 100 pounds straight away.

FAQ: Best Winchester Gun Safe Reviews

1) I lost winchester gun safe key or combination.
– Winchester safes believe in protection therefore you just need to verify your ownership.

Once you have verify your ownership of the safe. You simply need to visit here:

Now you need to provide the notarized signature and/or proof of purchase.

Once the process is complete, you simply need to email or fax the filled forms with required documents with the charge of $25 for the services.

2) What should I do if my electronic lock drains my battery quickly?
If the correct battery is installed (9-volt ALKALINE ENERGIZER® or DURACELL®), the battery should last about six (6) months with normal operation. If your battery fails within a week, contact our Technical Service Department at 877-948-6723 (877-9GUNSAFE) or 469-735-4901.

4) How do I replace the battery in my electronic lock?
Click on the link BATTERY INSTALLATION ( and select your electronic lock and follow the instructions.We highly recommend the use of only a 9-volt ALKALINE ENERGIZER® or DURACELL® battery. They’ve been strenuously tested and proven to last longer during safe lock operation.

5) If my battery goes dead, will I lose my combination?
No, you will not lose your combination. The combination is retained in the lock even after power is lost. Simply install a new battery and operate the lock in a normal manner.We highly recommend the use of only a 9-volt ALKALINE ENERGIZER® or DURACELL® battery. They’ve been strenuously tested and proven to last longer during safe lock operation.

6) How do I change the combination in my electronic lock?
Click on LOCK INSTRUCTIONS ( and select the electronic lock installed on your Winchester Safe. Follow the instructions to change your combination. Important: Store your new combination in a safe place, other than your safe!

7) Can I change the combination in the mechanical (dial) lock?
No, you cannot change the combination. High security mechanical locks require special tools and lock expertise to change the combination. Please contact a licensed Safe Technician in your area and they will change your combination for a nominal fee.

8) I enter my code in the electronic lock and I get five “beeps,” and the lock will not open. What does this mean?
Five “beeps” indicate that your lock battery is too low and you must replace it to operate your safe. Please insert a fresh alkaline battery into your lock and try your code again. You can find instructions for changing your battery HERE (

9) I enter my code in the electronic lock and I get three “beeps” and safe will not open. I enter it again, and get two “beeps” and safe is locked out. Now what?

Three “beeps” in succession indicate that the lock does not recognize the code you entered as being valid. Verify your code and enter it again. If the lock still does not open, please go to our COMBINATION/KEY REQUEST ( section and follow the instructions. Once completed, fax or mail the forms to us for processing; there is a $25.00 charge for this service..

10) I enter my code in the electronic lock and I get two “beeps” and safe will not open. I enter it again, and get two “beeps” and safe is locked out. Now what?

Two “beeps” in succession are consistent with the lock recognizing your code, however a fresher battery is needed. Please insert a fresh alkaline battery into your lock and try again. Please contact our Technical Service Department for assistance at 877-948-6723 (877-9GUNSAFE) or 469-735-4901.

11) Can I buy more keys for my eVault safe?
Keys can be ordered directly through us. Please go to the COMBINATION/KEY REQUEST ( section and follow the instructions. Once completed, fax or mail the forms to us for processing, there is a $25.00 charge for this service.

12) Can I switch a mechanical (dial) lock to an electronic (push-button) lock after I have purchased the safe?
Yes, contact a licensed Safe Technician who can perform this service for you. You cannot do this on your own, and attempting to do so will likely void your Warranty.

13) Where can I find a copy of my Owner’s Manual?
CHECK HERE ( to search our collection of current and discontinued model Owner’s Manuals.

14) How can I prevent dampness or moisture in my safe?
It is important to know that the safe will take on the climate that it is in. If you do have a problem with moisture, you will need to install a dehumidifier ( Don’t let moisture rust your guns and damage your sensitive documents.

15) Do I need to bolt down (anchor) my safe?
Yes, it is very important that you bolt down ( your safe to the floor for added security protection. An anchored safe cannot be tipped and helps prevent break-ins by greatly reducing pry leverage. Thieves frequently try to tip a safe on its back to use their body weight to pry open the safe door.

16) How do I bolt down my safe?
CHECK HERE ( to see bolt-down instructions.

17) Where can I find my serial number?
Your safe’s serial number is in your Owner’s Manual and on the inside of door (near locking bolts) If you need the serial number and cannot access your Manual or the inside of your safe, your serial number can be found in one of three different places on the outside of the safe, depending on when it was manufactured. Looking at the front of the safe, check the bottom right hand corner on the hinge side for a serial number label. If no label is present, check the safe body’s side or back of the safe. When checking the back of the safe, you may need to use a mirror and flashlight. (Serial numbers placed on the back of the safe are most frequently placed on the top corner opposite the hinge side.)

18) How do I get into my safe after a fire or burglary attack?
If your safe is damaged in a fire or burglary attack, please download the DAMAGE SAFE FORM (, fill it out and follow the instructions. Do not be alarmed if your keypad has melted off, or if you see the Palusol® seal expanded. It is designed to expand in a fire to seal the safe off as a barrier to heat and smoke. This is a good indicator that your valuables inside are safe. Submit your form to initiate the process, and with a registered warranty, we will send a locksmith to open your damaged safe, replace your damaged safe with a same or equal value model and deliver it to your curb — all free of charge. That’s the Winchester Guarantee.

19) What are your customer service hours?
Winchester Safes’ Customer Support Team is available via phone and email Monday through Friday, 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. Central Standard Time, except on holidays. Since you’re reading this on our website, you can navigate to our Support section to access 24/7/365 support with step-by-step instructions, tutorial videos, forms, manuals, and answers to many frequently asked questions.

20) How does the Lifetime Warranty differ from the Extended Lock Warranty?
The Lifetime Warranty is applicable to the original owner (or next owner if properly transferred) and it warrants against fire and burglary attacks, as well as any defects with materials or workmanship. The lock has a one (1) or two (2) year Manufacturer Warranty (from date of purchase) depending on the Manufacturer, but you may purchase the Extended Lock Warranty on almost every lock used on a Winchester Safe, for an additional nine (9) years of coverage. See our EXTENDED WARRANTY ( page for purchasing details.

21) Do the safes that you manufacture meet the California DOJ requirements?
Yes. Every single Winchester Safe produced meets the California DOJ requirements. All safe models built with 12 ga. or thicker steel are U.L. Listed as a Residential Security Container (RSC). U.L. listing supersedes the California DOJ requirements for safes. Additionally, all Winchester safes are built with U.L. Listed locks.

22) Where can I buy your products?
You’re in the right spot. Browse our home, office and gun safes on this site, where you can purchase safes and accessories, and arrange for delivery from your nearest dealer. To compare our superior quality to competitor’s safes in person and understand the Winchester Advantage for yourself, go to “Find A Dealer” ( at the top of the page to locate a Winchester Safes dealer in your area.

23) How do I clean my safe?
Our safes come with a durable, attractive powder coat finish. Used a warm sudsy cloth when needed, but stay away from abrasive cleaners that might damage the safe’s graphics. The interior can be swept out with a dry brush or small broom, but we are partial to using lint rollers in our own.

24) How private is the personal information I provide on your website?
Any form that you fill out on our website (Warranty Registration, Extended Lock Warranty Coverage, Combination Request, etc.) is extremely secure. We sell security for a living. We do not sell, distribute, or reveal the personal information you provide. We may send occasional product information and offers, but will never spam you.

25) What if someone takes my keypad? Can they get into my safe?
No, they will not have access to your safe. The keypad is just a power source that transmits the combination code to the lock inside the safe. Your code is stored in the lock body on the inside of the safe. If a thief attempts to punch through your lock, internal and external relockers will fire, securing your solid steel bolts in place. Even if someone puts a new keypad on your, safe they will not be able to open your safe without your combination. The lock has a non-volatile memory, so it will retain the last programmed code you have entered regardless of replacing the keypad or battery.

26) What is the factory code on an Electronic Lock?
Every safe is programmed with 1-2-3-4-5-6 as the factory code. (Which is why we suggest changing electronic lock combination to a personal code during initial setup of your safe. Store it in a safe place.)

27) Do I need to change my code from 1-2-3-4-5-6?
Yes. As mentioned above, every safe is programmed with a 1-2-3-4-5-6 code from the factory. You should change the electronic lock combination to your own personal code, careful not to pick obvious or easily-guessed combinations. Always store your new code in a safe place, outside of your safe.

28) My mechanical dial is becoming increasingly difficult to open. It sometimes takes five or ten times for me to get it open. Is my lock failing?
Your lock is not failing. You need to drop the middle number of your combination down by one digit. For example, if your combination is 10-20-30 you will dial 10-19-30.

29) Should I service my safe?
Your safe does not require any service to it. The best thing you can do is keep a fresh 9-volt Energizer® or Duracell® battery around in case your battery gets low.

30) How long will it take for me to receive my order if I order a safe online?
Your selected dealer will provide an accurate delivery time at the time of payment and delivery arrangements. For most in-stock safes, delivery typically occurs within 1-3 weeks. Special orders may take 6-8 weeks to ship to your selected dealer. Rush orders may be placed directly with the dealer and are subject to a $500 Rush Fee.

31) Which methods of payment do you accept?
For extended warranty, warranty transfer, lost combination and other service-related purchased, Winchester Safes accepts Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express through our site. When purchasing a safe or accessories, you will submit payment directly to your selected dealer. You will need to confirm payment options with the dealer directly.

32) Can my order be shipped to a P.O. box?
No. We apologize for any inconvenience, but UPS, FedEx and long haul truckers will not ship packages to P.O. boxes.

33) Can I place my order over the phone?
Yes, you can place an order over the phone. Please call our Sales Department at 877-948-6723 (877-9GUNSAFE) or 469-735-4901, option 2, Monday thru Friday, 7 a.m. – 4 p.m. Central Standard Time, except holidays. You can always order any time, 24/7/365 online.

Conclusion: Winchester Gun Safe Reviews

Indeed the Winchester safes are housing the security of your family along with your peace of mind.

If you are one of those people who is thoroughly interested in buying a gun safe, the above mentioned would help you to make the best Winchester Gun Safe pick according to your desirability.

What I found appreciable is the Winchester’s promise of offering solid core protection along with the never ending list of winchester gun safe premium features in pocket-friendly range.

Although I cannot tag a single winchester gun safe as the best since the definition of “good” varies with the requirement of the people.

As far as the demand f the majority is considered, I found Silverado series to be the leading name.

It offers tremendously amazing fire and burglary protection features, 3 different sizes to meet the specific storage requirement, the unique door organizer and a lot more.

I loved their warranty and guarantee policies that are amended every now and then in the best benefit of the customers.

The step taken by the company to double the defect warranty and relocating the manufacturing unit back in America is the perfect exemplary of the care and concern the company holds in its heart.

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