Best Field And Stream Gun Safe Reviews of 2018 [Buyer’s Guide]

Best Field And Stream Gun Safe Reviews: Field and Stream is one of the popular companies for providing largest sports goods stores in the country. It offers a large variety of products from various brands. The safes manufactured by the company are much affordable than other manufacturers. Moreover, the Field and Stream has not compromised the quality of the safes.

If you are looking for something to keep your valuables, expensive, sentimental items safe, then it’s the right choice. But it is very important that you completely go through when you are reviewing the different types of safes. You need to check the features from the different manufacturers.

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You need to keep some points while reviewing the different guns safes. Fire protection plays a vital role in the safety of your valuables and it must be overlooked. You can recover a stolen item from a thief but not from the fire. You must choose a safe which provides longer fire protection in any case. Apart from this, you need to check the storage, warranty etc.

Best Field And Stream Gun Safe Reviews

Best Field And Stream Gun Safe Reviews

#01. Sportsman

This is an entry-level full-sized safe manufactured by Field and Stream. It’s an excellent option when it comes to an affordable way to keep your valuables and gun safe from burglars and of reach from children. You will find Sportsman at fraction of the price as compared to similar safes in size.

Features of Sportsman

1. The safe is available in three sizes with a capacity of 10, 16 and 27 long guns.

2. It includes a hardened still plate that is located behind the lock to prevent the safe from drilling.

3. The exterior of the safe is manufactured with matte black pebble finish with the logo and stripes right on the front of the door.

4. The interior of Sportsman is gray carpeting and has adjustable shelving and barrel rests to add suitability and holding guns, valuables etc.

Why You Should Buy Sportsman

1. Fire protection 1400 Degree F.

2. Affordable price.

3. Available in three sizes.

#02. Sportsman Pro

The Pro series is the top of the line safe from Field and Stream and also available at the fraction of the price as compared to the other models at entry level. Sportsman Pro is recommended to put somewhere in the space like basement or garage where it can be surrounded by cement and avoid wood stud walls and floors.

Features of Sportsman Pro

1. Three different models are available vary in sizes can hold 32, 40 and 48 long guns.

2. The safe has the pry resistant door which is locked down by 7-1 ½” steel bolts.

3. It contains 3 deadbolts that completely secured all four sides of the safe door to the body of safe.

4. A drill resistant hard plate is located behind the electronic 4-digit lock.

Why You Should Buy Sportsman Pro

1. Variety of storage of options.

2. 1400 degree F fire protection.

3. Different sized pockets for storing accessories.

#03. Field and Stream Pro 36+6 Guns Fire Safe

Keep your guns protected from the burglars, unwanted users and kids with the 36+4 guns fire safe. It can store 36 long guns on a carpeted interior plus 6 handguns with extra storage space on the door.

Features of PRO 36+6 guns fire safe

1. 30 minutes fire resistant up to 1400 degree F

2. Electronic lock with the customizable code.

3. It contains the backup key.

4. California Interior with guns rests.

Why You Should Buy Pro 36+6

1. Excellent door pockets.

2. Easy to setup

3. Great space.

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Final Point About Best Field And Stream Gun Safe Reviews

Once you check the features, Pros and Cons of a gun safe you can get the idea which one to choose. A small research to select a gun safe is helpful to buy a gun safe for you. Best Field And Stream Gun Safe Reviews.