Best Gun Safe Under 500 Dollars – DON’T Buy Before Reading This!

Best Gun Safe Under 500 Dollars: Owing a gun safe is the matter of utmost security to you and your loved ones. A gun safe has multiple benefits such as keep your guns away from the fire, robbery of guns, safe from fire, adds value to your home and provides space to your valuables.

Buying a gun is one of the freedoms afforded by the people in the US. Although, freedom goes with the responsibility to store them in a safe manner. You can buy a new safe easily even when you have a fixed budget.

Best Gun Safe Under 500 Dollars

Best Gun Safe Under 500 Dollars

1. Stack-on SS-22-MB-E 22 Gun (Star rating 4.4*)

This is an attractive model which gives an antique look with a bit of new modern design. The build quality of the safe is attracting more people into getting it. The doors of the safe are heavy which makes it looks great.

However, this feeling is same when you touch the other parts of the safe. The strong construction is an promise of ending up with the top quality product. The interior of the safe is fully carpeted. It is a great safe for your valuables will not be easily scratched.

As the shelves of the safes can be adjusted, you can now partition the safe as your needs. The space in the gun safe can accommodate the ammo and other valuables you might have.

Features of Stack-on SS-22-MB-E 22 Gun

1. Storage of 22 rifles/shotguns up to 54” tall or 11 firearms.

2. 4 adjustable shelves.

3. Fully carpeted interior.

4. Exterior has a black epoxy paint finish.

5. Electronic lock has operational lights for open.

6. Low battery warning and wrong entry.

2. Scout Gun Safe 14 Long Gun (Star rating 4.5*)

Although it’s a new brand it has managed to make a name for itself in the industry. The people who used Scout have agreed that it is one of the best safe you can buy at affordable price.

It is perfect for the people who have long guns, they find it ideal for keeping their guns safe. The safe is perfect to keep your guns safe from burglars as the model comes with drill resistant hard plate.

The same thing applies with the prying tools as the model is also pry-resistant construction. The door organize gives the nice addition to Scout Gun Safe.

Features of Scout Gun Safe 14 Long Gun

1. Can store 14 long guns.

2. 30 minutes fire resistance at 1200F

3. Mechanical dial combination lock.

4. The door organizer and bolt down kit.

5. 4 handguns pockets and useful pouches.

6. 3 X 1” Dia. Locking bolts and 3 X 1” Dia. deadbolts


The best thing about buying a gun safe is that you can keep the guns safe and secure every time. It’s a great idea to buy a gun safe to keep ensuring to the safety of your guns from all types of risk. You can also store your valuables into the gun safe. Best Gun Safe Under 500 Dollars