Field and Stream 24 Gun Safe Reviews 2018 – DON’T Buy Before Reading This!

Field and Stream 24 Gun Safe Reviews 2018: As a responsible gun owner, you must have a secured storage for your guns. Gun safe helps to store your arms safely in a vault. It keeps your gun safe from the burglars and far from the children. It is better to have safety than to let you go to wrong hands.

If you are looking for a gun safe then which one to buy it is a difficult task as there are many guns available in the market? You are most likely relying on a gun safe as a mean of protection of your guns as well as valuables.

Some states have passed the law that you must keep your guns safe from fire, water etc with fireproof/waterproof safe. Even some insurance companies give a discount to gun owners if they have a gun safe to keep their arms locked inside.

Field and Stream 24 Gun Safe Reviews

Field and Stream 24 Gun Safe Reviews 2018

In this article, I am going to mention a Field and Stream 24 gun safe. As the name suggests it can store 24 guns the safe has got ranking 4.5 stars out of 5. The safe has convenient adjustable and carpeted interior.

This safe can be organized in one safe location, it is easy to use. The three number combo lock includes a drill-resistant steel plate behind the lock to ensure defense.

Features of Field and Stream 24 Gun Safe

1. Can hold 24 long guns.
2. ETL verified for 30 minutes at 14000 F
3. Three number combination lock.
4. Drill-resistant, the hard steel plate behind the lock offers a high level of security.
5. Five locking bolts out of which 3 live and 2 deadbolts.
6. 1” steel bolts are stated on each long side of the door.
7. The recessed door is pry resistant.
8. External hinges.
9. Black lever handle.
10. External hinges.
11. Predrilled anchoring holes four at the center back and six on the bottom.
12. Two anchoring screws.
13. Four shelves which are fully carpeted and adjustable.
14. Barrel rests can hold twenty-four long guns.
15. The interior of the safe is full graphite gray carpeting on the body as well as the door.
16. The external finish is black matte pebble finish with Field & Stream name.
17. California DOJ approved.
18. Full-length top to bottom shelf adjustment indentation.
19. Six stand-off barrel rest adaptors for rifles.

Why You Should Buy Field and Stream 24 Gun Safe

1. Adjustable shelves.
2. Nice finishing.
3. Once spot safety for your valuables.
4. Easy to customize.

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The features, pros and cons of a gun safe give you an idea whether to buy this gun safe or not. The little research helps you decide the best gun safe, pistol safe and safe for your valuables. It is helpful to find a gun safe which fits your lifestyle. You must weigh the pros and cons before making a final decision. As the safe could mean the difference between life and death if you are using it for protection. Field and Stream 24 Gun Safe Reviews