Winchester Evolution Safe Reviews [Edition 2018] With Buying Guide!

Winchester Evolution Safe: The evolution series of the Winchester Gun Safes has set a benchmark in terms of the quality and the safety features it offers. Designed and manufactured by the professionals, the gun safes meet your requirements and fits into the daily lifestyle.

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Best Winchester Evolution Safe Reviews 2018

The two products under the category include Evolution 36 and Evolution 55. The company completely denies calling it as a “typical gun safe” and indeed it is not. An amalgam of a traditional yet partially modular safe makes it a perfect choice for storing your valuables.

Winchester Evolution 55

Winchester Evolution 55 has amazing features and designs. But the major difference in Winchester Evolution 55 is the storing capacity of the Safe. The Evolution 55 has enough space to keep 67 guns. Depending upon your requirement and the valuables that you need to Safeguard, you may select the best option for yourself.

  • Measurements:
    • Exterior Dimensions – 59″(H) x 55″(W) x 29″(D)*
    • Interior Dimensions – 55″(H) x 51.5″(W) x 18″(D)
    • Volume – 55.4 cf
    • Weight – 1116 lbs
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Winchester Evolution 36

Winchester Evolution 36 has excellent features and designs. But the major difference in Winchester Evolution 36 is the storing capacity of the Safe. The Evolution 36 has enough space to keep 40 guns. Depending upon your requirement and the valuables that you need to Safeguard, you may select the best option for yourself.

  • Measurements:
    • Exterior Dimensions – 59″(H) x 38″(W) x 27″(D)*
    • Interior Dimensions – 55″(H) x 35″(W) x 16.5″(D)
    • Volume – 35.6 cf
    • Weight – 842 lbs
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The Evolution Series

  • The major features that I found appealing and worthy in exchange of the price of these safes include:
    • Power coated flat black finish with guaranteed durability.
    • Black chrome vault handle with 5 spokes.
    • P.A.L.S. military spec door storage system
    • LED digital kit to lighten up the interiors
    • 6 adjustable double- stacked barrel rest with rubber coatings
    • Traditional collector racks, 16 gauge steel modular panel system and adjustable shelving for better and safe storage of carbines, pistol conversions and other Modern Sporting Rifles
    • S$G mechanical locking system which can be replaced by an electronic lock by paying few extra bucks.
    • Pre drilled for anchoring to the floor.
    • Dead locking bolts of the size 1.25 inch on the hinge side of the door.
    • External strap hinges of strong steel.
    • Tested to bear the temperature of 1400 degrees for 60 minutes.
    • Fireboard protection provided behind the accessory door panel for safety from the fire accidents.
    • Replacement guarantee in cases of the damage caused by burglary or fire attacks.

The list of the features that comes with the evolution safes is never ending. Is the question of paying large amount in exchange of such an amazing product terrifying you?

But What About The Cost?

You cannot get a better deal at such low price. Perhaps, every other major company promises you give what you are paying for. With the Winchesters evolution safes, you get more than what you pay for.

The model evolution 36 can be yours at a nominal cost of approximately $1,800 where as if you are wishing to purchase model evolution 55, you are supposed to pay approximately $2,300.

Indeed it is questionable when you get exceptionally good product at such low price. But the reason behind the low cost is its manufacture within American states.

The manufactured product is meant for the people who wish to safeguard their valuable possession in the best possible way without creating a hole in their pocket.

Winchester Evolution Safes Pros

I don’t think anybody could be dumb enough to risk their valuable possessions and not protect it from fires, burglary and natural disasters.

The evolution safes are meant for those who are ready to pay a few extra pennies to get ensured security. It is better than the other safes like Bandit, big daddy and ranger in terms of the body strength. These safes have lesser number of locking bolts provided on the door which are relatively smaller in size.

Also the capacity of the safe is commendable. If you are thinking to buy the evolution 55, you will be able to store much more of your collection as you could have in safes like bandit, Silverado and tactical.

Just the way, a stitch in time saves nine, a good decision of buying Winchester evolution could save you from the loss of those expensive guns and the family heirlooms that you have the responsibility to protect.

Winchester Evolution Safes Cons

It won’t be a problem for the rich ones to buy this safe but for the other it could really prove harsh on the pocket. The shipping as well as the shifting cost of moving such a heavy load to the place where it needs to be placed could be a burden. Hence it is better to take note of your budget before making the final pick.

Since it is available in only two sizes, you get deprived of the variety. The safes are especially for the ones who possess a large gun collection and needs a good enough space.

Unlike the legacy safes, the bolts are active only in the three directions rather than 4.

What Makes The Evolution Series One of Its Kinds?

The multiple layers of the UL approved fireboards in the walls, ceilings and body makes it resistant to a temperature of more than 1400 degree F.

Also the safety is guaranteed against the fire accident due to the Palusol Heat expandable door seal. On encountering heat, it expands 6 times its size to block the way of smoke that could possible harm your valuables.

The 11 gauge thick steel body is evident of the strength of the safe. ¼ inch plates are drill resistant. The auxiliary locker reinforced steel return door jamb, pry-resistant recessed door, anti pry tabs, titanium disk are some of the notable features of the evolution safes.

The 3 way solid steel locking bolts are 1.25 inches thick. Moreover the mechanical locks are UL certified and have no vulnerable solenoid or key override features.

The feature to customize the shelves helps in creating enough space for the ever changing collection of yours. The collector rack and the movable barrel rest to accommodate all the accessories as well apart from your guns.

The LED light kit helps in brightening up the interiors of the safe.

In order to have a more clear view of the products in this line, read a more specific description below.

What Makes The Safes Trustworthy?

Well, the answer to this question is the evolution is associated to “Winchester”, which is undeniably synonymous to trust.

The US based company believes in manufacturing each and every product in their homeland and hence do not compromise at any level, say it material, manufacturing or shipping to the buyers.

Since 1866, the company has been working to strengthen its pillars of integrity, reliability and quality.

It takes the responsibility of availing you with the peace of mind and security of your valuables so that you can sleep without the fear of losing your valuables in the fire and burglary attacks.

Conclusion About The Winchester Evolution Safe

Using the latest technology in laser cutting, robotic welding etc, the company is rapidly dominating the market.