Winchester Legacy Safe Reviews [Edition 2018] With Buying Guide!

Winchester Legacy Safe Reviews: The legacy gun safes manufactured by Winchester sits at the top of the line. It is the best deal for those who are looking for a big and the best safe to protect their valuables.

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Best Winchester Legacy Safe Reviews 2018

The impressive and unbeatable list of the features completely justifies the high price that it demands to be paid.

The company manufactures two kinds of models under legacy series. Legacy 53 has the volume of 52.5 CF where as the volume of legacy 44 is 43.8 CF. both of the models are available in three colors consisting of gunmetal, saddle brown and black. I have written detailed reviews of both products, which is below mentioned.

#01 ― Winchester Legacy 53 Reviews


The exterior dimensions of the model 53 are 72”H x 42”W x 30”D . The interior dimensions however are 66”H x 38”W x 19”D. dimensions need to be given importance so as to avoid wrong choice that may not fit into your house.
The weight of the legacy 53 safe is 1616lbs and the volume is 52.5cf. Considering the storage capacity, one can safely keep 51 long guns apart from the small accessories. Also there are 8 pistol pockets for the safer handling.

The 18 locking bolts, comprising of 6 dead locking ad 12 active locking bolts helps in combating the burglary attacks more efficiently.
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#02 ― Winchester Legacy 44 Reviews


The exterior dimensions of the model 44 are 60”H x 42”W x 30”D. the interior dimensions however are 54”H x38”W x 20”D. you need to make sure if you can find a suitable place to fit such a big safe in your house. Dimensions become really essential criteria in this regard.

The safe weighs 1387lbs and would require a whole human work force to shift it to the desired position.
The safe has 16 locking bolts consisting of 5 dead locking and 11 active locking bolts.

There are 8 pockets to place your pistols safely and a volume of 43.8 cf to accommodate 51 long guns approximately.
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Factors To Consider

When it comes to safeguarding one of the most precious possessions of yours, you need t be very clear with your requirements and the product that you are choosing. The finalized decision needs to be satisfactory at the end of the day. Since it is about the valuable items, for sure you do not want to risk it.

Is the safe spacious enough to house your valuables or not? What is the most suitable lock mechanism that you are looking for? Is the cost of your safe exceeding the value of the items that you want to keep? Is the safe strong enough to combat the incidents of fire and robbery?

To know what could be the best option for you, read the below mentioned review to know what exceptional is the product offering. We understand the hard work behind every penny that you earn and hence wants it to be invested on something worthy.

What Are The Characteristic Features Of Both The Models?

Both the models of the legacy series are capable of withstanding a temperature as high as 1400 F for a period of 2 hours and more. The dual layers of the Palusol heat expanding door seal, on encountering heat, expands to 6 times its size to block the entry of heat and smoke inside the safe thereby providing immense safety to your valuables.
The presence of the external steel vault hinges acts as a shield and lessens the vulnerability of the internal hinges. Moreover, the zippered door pockets have thermal protective lining that adds to the safety of the sensitive documents stored in it.

The 10 gauge thick steel body, robotic continuous welds and the 4 way locking bolt system makes the safe strong enough to combat any scenario of outlaw. The drill resistant hard plate which is pre-heated tested and thereby added to increase the level of protection. The dead locking bolts are on the hinge side of the door are made stronger to bear the hard hits during the burglary or robbery attacks.

The exteriors of the safes are covered with the power coated gunmetal, black or saddle brown finish which promises durability while the interiors have an adjustable shelving system. The barrel racks with auxiliary shelves helps in creating more space to adjust the ever changing collection of yours.

The auxiliary relocker, pry resistant recessed door, titanium disk lock protector and premium gray pindot fabric on the interior shelves are some of the other features of the legacy safes.

The LED light kit comes along with the power docking system to lighten up the interiors. The S&G mechanical locks are UL certified and avail ample fundamental protection. The legacy safes guarantees peaceful sleep after the installation.

The legacy safes come with the lifetime replacement guarantee if it ever gets damaged due to the fire accident or burglary attack. Also the product has a limited lifetime warranty if it is found with a defect in material or workmanship.

Why Is Legacy Line Of The Safe A Better Option?

The company has jammed innumerable out-of-the-box features into a considerably affordable package. The Winchester has created a legacy of greatness by bring this line of the safes in the market. Without considering a need of giving a second thought, I would tag the legacy range as the safest ones at present.

It is the supreme quality material, 4 way locking bolt system and the 10 gauge thick steel body that contributes to the strength of the safe. You need to note that no other safe, say it the ranger series, big daddy or the bandit series, manufactured by Winchester offers a 4 way bolt system.

Apart from the mentioned positives about the safe, its ability to withstand a temperature of 1400 Fahrenheit for more than 2 hours makes it an unbeatable holder of the top most position among the competitors.

The legacy range are meant for those whose prime requirement is the safety of their valuables and not the money. Also it can be the most desirable option for the keepers of a large armor collection.

What Are The Drawbacks?

The safe comes with a mechanical locking system which is relatively slow and time consuming. Although it would guarantee 100 % positive results and low maintenance cost but looking at today’s running lifestyle it won’t be a good option.

To combat this problem, there is a choice for you to demand a replacement with the electronic lock but it would require you to pay extra bucks. Well, a onetime investment is better than the daily troubles. And I guess people out there are smart enough to make a better choice.

Also, the unavailability of different sizes under this series has been one of the reasons behind its less demand. It is indeed the perfect choice when it comes to buying safety for your valuable, but only for those who have an appreciably large collection of armors. For the rest, it would be a deal of loss to spend such a large amount in purchasing an extra spacious safe.

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Final Point: Best Winchester Legacy Safe Reviews 2017

The overall cost seems to be quite high. If the legacy safe is fitting into your requirement list, be ready to loosen your grip over the money. But at the end of the day you are paying for the protection of your valuables and peace of mind so it won’t be a bad decision. That’s all about the Winchester Legacy Safe Reviews.