Winchester Ranger Safe Reviews [Edition 2018] With Buying Guide!

Winchester Ranger Safe Reviews: The ranger line by Winchester is the cheapest of all that comes with the essential security features to protect your firearms and other valuables. It offers you the best of both worlds.

The safety features and the designing of all the four models of the ranger series are almost same except their size.

In order to get answers to your questions and form a solid opinion about which safe to buy, read the pros and cons of them and the features that the company is offering.

Best Winchester Ranger Safe Reviews of 2018

Winchester Ranger Safe Reviews

Winchester Ranger Safe Reviews

I won’t call it the most glamorous of the options with the most terrific technical features but it still manages to retain the essential characteristics of other expensive and better safes without raising its price.

It would be perfect for the ones who are looking for reliability winchester gun safes.

1. Winchester Ranger 44

Winchester Ranger 44

It is capable of holding 44 long guns and has the exterior dimensions of 72 x 42 x 25 inches.

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2. Winchester Ranger 54

Winchester Ranger 54

It is capable of holding 54 guns at a time along with other smaller accessories. The dimensions of the safe are 59 x 55 x 29.

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3. Winchester Ranger 34

Winchester Ranger 34

The safe can easily fit 34 long guns in it and has the exterior dimensions of 59 x 40 x 25.

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4. Winchester Ranger 26

Winchester Ranger 26

Comparatively the smallest safe of the ranger series, it can hold up to 28 long guns at a time. The exterior dimensions of the safe are 59 x 30 x 25.

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Fire protection features

The safe is fire proof due to the use of UL. rated fireboards. Three layers in the door and 2 layers in the rest of the body although does not form a very strong structure comparatively but is apt enough to bear the temperature of 1400 degrees for 1 hour.

In addition to the fireboards, the external steel strap hinges makes the internal hinges less vulnerable. The use of palusol heat expandable door seal makes sure that your valuable does not face any damage due to smoke or heat that may enter the safe in case of fire accidents.

Free lifetime replacement guarantee of the safe in case the safe gets damaged against the promises of the company acts as a cherry on the cake.

Burglary resisting abilities of the safe

The safe avails you with the choice of mechanical or electronic lock. Being UL. Listed, it has no vulnerable solenoid or key override features. I would prefer opting for an electronic lock as it is easy and time saving. The hard plate in the locking system makes it extremely hard for the intruder to drill in thereby assuring safety.

The point to reconsider is the body of the safe as it is made up of 12 gauge steel with 1 inch thick bolts. It meets the minimum security ratings because anything below this would not be an ideal container for the protection. The ranger models of the gun safes can be purchased for keeping not-so-rare and less valuable items.

The company launched the revised and modified version under this series with features like recessed door, reinforced steel return jambs, auxiliary relocker etc which makes it a nice option to take into consideration.

Additional features

The safe is designed not only to offer security to your valuables but simultaneously beautify the place. There are available with the power coated black finish or gunmetal. Apart from this, the safe comes with a door panel organizer for safe keeping of the essential accessories and documents. Since usually you are supposed to purchase it by paying extra bucks, it seems as a boon in the case of ranger safe.

The adjustable shelving system makes it easy for you to create more space in order to accommodate the very changing gun collection of yours.

You cannot expect to get a box full of accessories at such low cost but the variety in size is something that you won’t get with other models of the company.

A brief comparison with other Winchester series

I have already given a vivid description of the amazing features that makes it better than the other available safes in the market. But the point to notice is that Winchester uses more or less the same technology and designing in the manufacturing of all of its safes. So what is point that is prompting enough to buy the safes of ranger series over others?

Well, the first one would obviously be the price. The company has tried to pack the best locking mechanism and fire/burglar protection features used in other Winchester lines but at a relatively lower price. Legacy line or bid daddy series for sure would guarantee a high-tech security feature but it will prove harsh on your pocket as well.

Perhaps no other gun series, say it big daddy, Silverado or legacy, offer as much variety as offered by the ranger line. Typically there are three models that vary in sizes. Why to have a huge elephant size structure in your house or office when all you want is a compact container to securely keep your small collection of guns.

Different sizes of the safe serves the purpose of different people.

Cons of the ranger line safes

The ranger safes can withstand quite a high temperature, but only for a short period. The reason is the use of lesser number of fireboards in the construction. Anything lesser than this would result in its collapse if the temperature rises above 1400F. Comparatively the legacy series has better fire ratings.

Also, the bolt size being I inch does not provide enough strength for the safes to combat extreme harsh scenarios of burglary attacks.

The 12 gauge thick steel plates although are better than other entry level safes but cannot be trusted for storing ultra-sensitive possessions. It is advised to look for 10 gauge steel body is security of the highest level is your priority.

Most of the models of the ranger series are meant for the people with a limited gun collection. Though it comes with adjustable shelves, I would recommend you to look for other safes if you own a larger collection.

As compared to other safes marketed by the company, ranger safes do not come with a lot of accessories. This is obviously due to the low price that you pay. Apart from the accessory door panel, auxiliary shelf covers and adjustable shelving, if you wish to have another accessory, you need to pay extra bucks.

The most irritating aspect of choosing electronic lock over the mechanical lock in the safe is the death of batteries quite frequently. With the safe, do not forget to order few spare ones to be used in case it fails to work.

There are complaints from the customers about the damage in the safe when they received the parcel. You do not have to worry if the same happens since the company takes full care of replacing it with another product of the same type.

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Conclusion: Winchester Ranger Safe Reviews

It is not the most ideal safe to deter the burglars but is perfect combination of reliability and safety that would keep your ammunitions away from the reach of children.

Also it can potentially withstand subtle attacks and accidents of burglary and fire. If it fits your requirement list, do not delay in bringing the ranger line to your home. Else you can take a look at other safes with better security features.

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