Winchester Silverado Safe Reviews [Edition 2018] With Buying Guide!

Winchester Silverado Safe Reviews: The Silverado line is tagged as one of the best ones among all the manufactures of the Winchester Company. The credit goes to the incredible security features, unbelievable fire ratings and the variety of options available in this range.

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Best Winchester Silverado Safe of 2018

Winchester Silverado Safe Reviews

Winchester Silverado Safe Reviews

In the recent years, the cases of burglary and natural mishap have increased tremendously. This has resulted in bringing the people on their toes to search for an option that could be trustworthy to secure their expensive possessions, irreplaceable guns and confidential documents.

Silverado gun safes are available in three sizes. Depending upon the space needed to accommodate your collection, you can make the perfect pick of winchester gun safes products.

1. Winchester Silverado 33

Winchester Silverado 33

The smallest of the three is capable of holding 30 long guns

If you are searching for premium security features and extra ordinary fire ratings, Silverado 33 is your product. They have successfully maintained the status of being the best seller till date owing to the versatile interiors.

To combat the burglary attacks, safes have the U.L rated mechanical or electronic locks. The body of the residential security container is made up of 10 gauge thick steel formed with robotic continuous welds.

Other features including the external strap hinges, titanium disk, reinforced steel return jambs, auxiliary relocker etc enhances the strength of the safe to withstand any robbery attack. It is presence of 18 locking bolts (12 active and 6 dead locking bolts) that adds to the pry resistance.

Model 33 offers the fire rating of 2 hours at 1400F. The designing is done so as to obstruct the action of smoke, heat and fire. The company uses the UL rated fireboard protection in the ceilings as well as the walls and doors of the safe.

The adjustable shelvings come with the pindot fabric gives you the liberty to make it spacious as per your desires. You do not have to worry of losing your valuable documents since it can be kept protected in the thermal pockets. Moreover the deluxe door panel organizer offers safe storage of the handguns and other accessories.

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2. Winchester Silverado 40

Winchester Silverado 40

The mid size safe can hold 48 long guns approximately

High end burglary protection features along with the superb fire ratings is a rare combination to find in the market these days. Winchester avails its customers with these benefits through the Silverado series that offers what it promise.

Presence of Five layers of fireboard in the door and four layers in the body makes it fire resistant. The use of Palusol heat expandable door seal ensures that the smoke and heat does not enter the safe to damage your valuables. Now you can enjoy the ease offered by the external door hinges that makes it possible for the door to swing to 180 degrees.

When it comes to the burglary protection, features like S&G mechanical lock or LaGard electronic lock, exceeding California DOJ requirement, presence of titanium disk to safeguard the locking system, drill resistant hard plate, 1.5 inches locking bolts and pry-resistant recessed door adds to the assurance it gives.

The adjustable shelves of the safe can withstand the weight of around 70lbs each. You won’t be able to say no to the safe after having a look at the interiors that comprise of the power docking system, Installed LED light kit, accessory door panel and the upgraded Pindot fabric.

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3. Winchester Silverado 51

Winchester Silverado 51

The largest safe however can be used to keep as many as 48 long guns along with small size pistols and accessories.

The impressive list of features will let you go crazy for this safe. The fire rating of 2 hours at 1400 F degrees and the dual layers of palusol door that expands to over 6 times its original size on encountering the heat makes it a deal of profit.

You do not have to worry anymore since the safe comes with the complete fireboard coverage. The external hinges allow 180 degree swing of the door while the ¼ inches thick steel plate adds to the protection level.

It is the thermal protective lining in the zippered door pockets that hold your documents safe.

Do you need any other guarantee if it is U.L. listed for burglary protection, exceeds California DOJ requirements, RSC and locking system? Although all of the features of the model 51 are same as the other two models but the difference lies in the space it offer. Silverado 51 is extra spacious and can accommodate a lot of your possessions that needs ultra protection from thieves and robbers.

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What makes the Winchester Silverado Safe one of its kinds?

Well, reading the much researched reviews above might have helped you to know the distinguishable characteristics of the Silverado safes. But I assume that a question must be still there in your head creating doubts.

Indeed the company that manufactures the safe is synonymous to trust but then why not to choose the safe of any other line?

What makes the Silverado stand out from the run of the mill stuff? Based on the reviews of the users and the comparison with other products of the company and beyond, there are innumerable valid reasons making it the first choice of buyers?

The 10 gauge tick steel body of the container makes it stronger than the models of tactical, ranger and big daddy line. In majority of the gun safes the body is constructed of 12 gauge steel which is not very durable.

Also the fire protection ability of models of Ranger series fails in extreme situations where as it is not so in the Silverado safes.

They are not limited to a single size unlike the tactical safes and hence the variety in the sizes makes is favorable for different users.

The list of premium features, choice of the sizes, brilliant lock and door security yet economically priced is something that you won’t be getting with other safes. It takes care of your peace of mind as well as your pocket.

What are the drawbacks of the Silverado line?

Indeed every coin as two sides. It has been enough of describing the positives of the safes. As a reviewer, it is necessary for me to show you the loopholes as well.

Undoubtedly the safe has various plus points but surely it as some negatives as well. One of it is that the composite door is not as strong as the door of the legacy safes. It is because the bolts are active in only three direction.

Also the weight of the safe is quite too much and would require a human force to shift it to the desired place. Also it won’t be so easy for you to move it every now and then.

Although as compared to the legacy series, the fire rating is relatively lower but that will not make much difference to you.

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Conclusion: Winchester Silverado Safe Reviews

Purchasing Silverado safe would be like getting a box of treasure in exchange of few bucks. The Company takes the full responsibility to giving you the best experience of your life.

Ranging from the quality product that it offers to the customer services availed by the company, everything is terrific. That’s all about the Winchester Silverado Safe Reviews.